How to Cook Perfect Korean Pancake

Korean Pancake.

Korean Pancake You can cook Korean Pancake using 11 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Korean Pancake

  1. Prepare of bread flour.
  2. You need of sugar.
  3. Prepare of dry yeast.
  4. You need of salt.
  5. It's of warm water.
  6. Prepare of sesame oil.
  7. You need of brown sugar, cinnamon.
  8. Prepare of nuts.
  9. Prepare of cheese.
  10. You need of sugar.
  11. It's of sesame oil.

Korean Pancake instructions

  1. Mix dry ingredients and put sesame oil in warm water. Mix both..
  2. Knead well untill the surface is smooth..
  3. Wrap with towel and let it rest for 1 hour until doubled..
  4. Cut 4 equal pieces..
  5. Cut nuts (walnut and pistachio) and mix with brown sugar and cinnamon. Any kind of nuts is ok. Mix sugar and cheese..
  6. Wrap the filling inside with dough and make it round..
  7. Put sesame oil and fry in a frying pan. Flatten while pressing with a spatula..
  8. Fry until good golden color and good shape..
  9. Enjoy ❣️.

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